A new brand community-governed and -collaborated crypto gaming curation market based on ERC1155 CLMM(Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker) protocol.

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The utility token of Endgame is a deflationary commodity based on taxation, driven entirely by the community and launched 100% fairly. The token's value maintenance is completely managed by smart contracts, with fully transparent risk management.

Floor Fund (Auto-LP Compounding)

Policies and market volatility, a large number of tokens will depreciate over time. Introducing a Floor Fund to maintain stable token value is crucial for user adoption and long-term sustainability, ensuring that liquidity is always available without incentives or inflation, and that downside risks are always known. The Floor Fund collects tax tokens from each transaction, resulting in an increase in token value with the increase in total platform transaction volume. This allows users to enter a growth cycle simply by holding the token.

Rebalance Guidance (Auto-LP Buybacks)

Based on the Rebalance Floor Fund, it provides clear visibility of risks associated with token distribution events, enabling participants to make informed decisions and fostering a trusted environment with a fair and transparent risk management mechanism. It creates arbitrage opportunities in the trading market, and each automatic balance adjustment based on contract strategy will become a way of price discovery. In other words, it will be another way for users to find value in the market.

Tax bribery (treasury burning & anti-bonus)

Become increasingly adept at identifying the drawbacks of inflationary incentive mechanisms, token cycles accelerate, and more feasible alternatives are needed, such as using assets from microtransaction taxes to alleviate the accelerated token cycle. At the same time, harvesting taxes should not bankrupt loyal supporters, nor should it cost them more than potential savings. Therefore, fair tax bribery can ensure the best outcome for the economic system. This also ensures that the project treasury can receive sustainable income incentives and liquidity supply without resorting to incentives or inflation, which is crucial for maintaining token value and promoting a stable, sustainable ecosystem.

Burn-based deflation

Includes burning transaction taxes, liquidity reset, recovery, tax burning, and increased liquidity management taxes to further promote market price discovery and achieve a true growth flywheel!